Chromacon 2013 was probably the best art event I have ever had the privilege of attending. Such a great art community focus where the artists / vendors could interact with the public. Often times when you are making art work it is a very solitary activity, so when you share it, and get an opportunity to meet people to share your work with, it’s an amazing experience. Chromacon was the best of these experiences that I have had.

Outside of interacting with people who attended the show, meeting other peers is a truly inspiring function of the show as well. I had a good time reuniting with old friends, and making new ones along the way.

Well now it is time for Chromacon 2015, and we are doing it all over again. I’m in the process of organising my own art, comics and related items. It’s going to be a fun one.

If you were an attendee in 2013, and you had a good time exploring the stalls, please consider supporting the events Kickstarter to help cover the costs. There are some great supporter rewards available.

Above is a custom cover of my oldest ActionMan Adam comic. I found 3 blank covers that I was able to customise especially for this show.

Entry into Chromacon is free – all the details can be found right here.

See you there!