Another painting for this LibraryCon appearance. Spider-Man is one of my all time favourites, so it would be weird not to include him in this series. I like how fun the character can be. Sometimes writers get too bogged down in the “woe-is-spidey” story lines that they forget what a great character he can be.

So great in fact, they made a pig version of him. Spider-Ham. I don’t think there is really a higher honour for a comic book character.

When done right, Spider-Man can be a truely great comic book. The Amazing Spider-Man run that is ongoing at the moment isn’t too bad. Written by Dan Slott, and with Humberto Ramos on the pencils, it is getting fun again. Especially now that it’s not a silly super villan who brain switched with Peter or whatever the hell that was?

Hope you dig this painting!