How about that wintery weekend? It got really cold here in Auckland on Saturday. I’m currently trying to nurse myself back to health from actually contracting a cold, so having it actually be colder outside wasn’t helping my cause. It also kept me away from visiting friends at this years Auckland Zinefest, so that was too bad.

It wasn’t a very productive weekend art wise, but I did get one piece finished. My brother requested I do a mask for his friend’s birthday. Similar to what I had done with the Star Wars masks, but this time of Wolverine.

Apparently this guy’s favourite Wolverine costume is the old 1980’s Brown and Gold costume. Which I am quite partial to as well. It was fun to draw. Wolverine is a fun character. Even though they don’t allow him to smoke in the comics anymore, back then he always had a cigar in his mouth, so I thought it fitting to add that as well.

Thanks for reading.