Hey all,

Some good news first up. I’ve finished a comic. I thought about doing another one, and then another one before posting, but that would be cruel. You’ve all waited long enough. Life has been busy, and I’m not sure when the one after this one will come, but it’s still something I need to do, so I will try my best to find a way. New comic will go live this week. In fact, it’ll be up tomorrow. How about that?

Meanwhile. here are some pictures I took from a recent visit to Melbourne. It was a fun trip. Highlights included hanging out with some friends and taking in the Dreamworks animation exhibit they have on at ACMI. I think it’s on until August, so if you’re in the city I do recommend it. I also found some different graffiti lane ways. They’re probably very well known to most, but were new to me, so it was nice to discover some fun art along our walking tracks.