There is always a lot of hype around tourist destinations. Most of it is for good reason, and Queenstown has always lived up to the high expectations people have of it. It’s one of those places you could just keep on visiting, and always have a great experience.


Having previously lived in the South Island before returning to Auckland, Queenstown is a place I visited as much as I could while it was relatively close by. Now that I do live in Auckland, it’s just that extra bit harder to get there. It’d been about ten years, and my wife had never been, so we decided it was time to go for a visit. That’s not her in that photo by the way. It’s someone who was brave enough to do the Bungee while we watched on.


It can get expensive in Queenstown. The whole place operates completely on tourisim, so it’s going to cost to do some activities. However, that is part of the experience. You don’t have to do them all. Save some for another visit. This time around we really kept it pretty simple. Choosing to hire a car and drive around different scenic spots taking photos and exploring. We did of course hit the Gondola and the Luge though. Mandatory for every visit to Queenstown.


Everyone kept talking up Ferg Burger and it was pretty good, but honestly, I really rated the Steak and Cheese pie at the next door Ferg Bakery. Definitely worth your cash if you’re looking for a decent pie!

It was a great trip, but not long enough. Time to start planning the next one!

Thanks for reading.