In March I was fortunate enough to be in Christchurch for a catch up weekend with some old friends. The main reason I was down there was to see the last date of the Queens of the Stone Age / NIN tour that had passed through Australia and New Zealand. I figured I might as well make a weekend of it, and spend some time in the city, which turned out to be a great idea.

Catching up with a couple of buddies was great, and was actually overdue, but I had no idea what a good bonus it would be to take a trip into the CBD area, and see how much amazing art had gone up around the city on the sides of buildings. With the demolition of large portions of the city, huge gaps between buildings where another had stood were a common site. As a person who knows the city very well, it’s weird when you find yourself standing at a footprint of a building trying to remember what was actually standing there.

This whole process is disorientating. However with all the new art that has gone up, you actually go from looking at a broken city to trying to discover all these pieces. Each new discovery leading you to another one. It makes exploring the city a lot of fun again. The art in most cases is gigantic. Covering whole walls of buildings sometimes as high as five or six stories. Seeing art on that scale, from a distance and then up close is great. If you find yourself in Christchurch, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Take a wander around the CBD, and discover the city anew.





The concert was pretty great too, if you were curious.


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