This past weekend was a fun one. My younger brother had a party in celebration of his birthday. He decided to theme it, going with Star Wars as the compulsory costume requirement for attendance. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not big on putting on a costume or dressing up for a party. Partly because I’m lazy, I guess?

Star Wars is a good theme though, so I thought I might as well get creative with it. Deciding early on that the core characters would be over used, I decided to go with one of the characters who has very little screen time across the original trilogy, but still leaves an impression. Admiral Ackbar. Who infamously says in an almost too calm manner “It’s a trap” – only after the obviousness of his armadas situation is upon him.

I drew up a picture. Pasted it onto some cardboard. Cut out some eyeholes (in Ackbars nostrils in this case). There you go. Instant costume for the party.

It was a fun night. Just for the record, there seemed to be an equal amount of people on the side of the Force as there were agents of the Dark side. The party never really got out of hand. I also made a mask for my wife. I’ll get that posted up here soon.

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