Hey everyone!

As you are all probably aware, comic books kick ass. Hell there is even a comic book called “Kick Ass”. Well there are some new releases I thought I would quickly share some new books/comics that I think are worth spending some hard earned cash on.


First up, Toby Morris released a new book a couple of weeks ago called “Don’t Puke on your Dad”. In it Toby documents the roller coaster ride that is the first year of parenting after his son Max arrives into the world. It’s a beautifully put together book. Charming, thoughtful, and funny. In years to come I’m sure it’ll mean a lot to Max, to see what his Dad went through on a day to day basis raising him. “Dont puke on your Dad” is available now from Beatnik Publishing for $30.


Next, I should point your attention to Faction #2. A New Zealand comic anthology due to drop any day now. This is the second installment of Faction. The first comic was a beautifully produced full colour comic showcasing some of NZ finest artists. Issue number 2? Well more of the same, really! Sweet sweet comics from my fellow countrymen. Buy both issue 1 and 2 here.


Finally, my friend Adrian Kinnaird has officially announced his forthcoming book about NZ Comics “From Earth’s End”. Clocking in at 448 pages, this book is going to be a monster! I’m genuinely excited to see how this book turns out. Adrian’s been working on this for a while now, painstakingly putting together the first major book dedicated to New Zealand cartoonists. He announces the project over at his excellent blog here. You can find out more information about the book here. This book is coming soon. I’ll probably post again when it’s due to drop.

Some good ideas there if you need to add to your reading pile. Or if you’d like to get in early on Christmas presents!

Thanks for reading,