Hey all,

Don’t worry a new comic is on the way. I’m going to be working on it tomorrow. NBA finals permitting. Game 7 is on tomorrow, so who knows how productive I’ll really be. The intention is there though! That’s got to be worth something, surely.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of things I think I should mention. Firstly, the Sunshine Pledge Me running here. Jem Yoshioka is a talented illustrator from Wellington. She put out a story called Sunshine. It’s really very good. Now she is running a campaign to get a print version going. I think it’s worth your time, and your cash to get in on this one! Go check it out.

Next, my man Eddie is running a new Autobio comic called Sloths and Trolleys. Now we can all see what Eddie actually gets up to, as he is putting it down in the form of COMICS. Excellent. That is completely worth your time and attention. It updates more than my own comic too, so he is kicking my ass there.

Also worth mentioning. Mainstream comics. Here’s what I am reading and think everyone else should be reading to (if you’re so inclined). From Marvel, Hawkeye and Daredevil are both great books. Character driven, not event driven. Written well and beautifully drawn. From DC, the book I enjoy is Wonder Woman. Brian Azzarello has been doing cool things there.

I’ve also been spending some time at looking into how to collect and sell AMA digital editions for the iPad. Slowly making some progress on that one.

How’re things? Any comics you’d like to recommend? Let me know.

Thanks for reading,