Here’s a summary of the Tool concert I attended last Thursday. Above is a photo I took of them from the BDO 2011, since no one was allowed to take pics at this event.

The night started off with a walk to the venue as it always does. I was surprised that no one else was making the same commute by foot as me. I wondered if the concert the previous night had satisfied most of the fans and if this following show wasn’t going to be anywhere near capacity. I was thankful however that the rain had subsided. The previous night it was still hosing down, which would have made for a miserable walk to the show.

Upon arriving at the venue my thoughts of a half full concert quickly subsided as I saw the mass of bogans decending upon Vector Arena. As always, there was plenty of interest at the merch stall, and people were adding their new tee shirt purchases to the rest of the wardrobe they had on. The easiest way they knew how. Right over the top of the existing clothes.

Seeing as I was venturing to this show alone, I was able to do a fair amount of people watching before, during and after the show. As always, the amount of creativity with facial hair is always surprising at metal shows. Dr Marten boots were in plentiful supply, and you always wonder about how the one girl who wears basic canvas shoes is going to fare in the mosh pit amongst the hundreds of shit kicking boots destined to crush her toes.

Also active were the security for the venue. Who were under advisement that by no means was there to be video recording during the show. They took the rules a little too far however, before the first act had even come on I was being warned about using my phone for just sending a text message. Still, I get the policy, and it was nice to see people actually experiencing the band rather than just focusing on recording a shitty movie version to watch later at home.

First on were Jakob. There were a good pick to warm the crowd up. Heavy enough, and they had a great flow as always. I think I have seen them about two or three times before this evening. Entertaining as always.

Before too long it was time for Tool to take the stage. One by one the band members filter out from backstage to a crowd hungry for some rocking. They open with the song “Hooker with a Penis” which is a good one to kick things off. Straight into it is a good policy for those who want some hard and heavy tracks for the evening. I guess everyone knew they’d be in for some fan favourite tracks when they quickly followed up with the song “Sober”. Perhaps one of Tool’s most well known tracks.

The band were on point. Tight as fuck. It’s always fun to just pick a band member and watch them for a sustained amount of time. There is so much going on to distract you from the band themselves, it’s cool to give them some real focus here and there. As usual, the music was accompanied by strange but compelling visuals. The crowd were well into it too. With the rocking out I was doing, I was quickly reminded that I’m a battered and bruised old man these days. My hips were fucked, and by the time we reached the intermission part of the show, I was ready to escape to the side of the floor and watch while supporting myself against the guard rail.

Before we reached the intermission point the band played their song Lateralus. I’m always impressed with how that song works live. It’s truly something special. Probably my favourite track from the night. It has this big rolling effect where it keeps escalating. Eventually by the end of the song, people are in their zone. Setting up the second half of the concert perfectly.

The Intermission gave me time to do some more people watching. Particularly impressive was a pretty young girl who fearlessly flirted and talked to just about every metal guy in the vicinity. I don’t think she was at the show with anyone, so she casually was just involving everyone around her in her experience. These singles males were happy to appease her attention deficit disorder for a time. She even got away with pulling a dude’s dreads, he pulled around kinda half pissed before she exclaimed “I LOVE YOUR DREADS DUDE!”. Ahh to be young and good looking. You can get away with everything. Later during the show the had mounted the shoulders of some dude and head banging during the end of another killer track. She was entertaining to say the least.

Before Tool finished up the show. Maynard made mention of the fact that if any of us had a “Time Machine” we might be able to travel forward a few hours to wish Drummer Danny Carey a happy birthday. He eventually admitted we’d might as well sing the song there now. A lot of the crowd kinda coughed and bumbled through his name though, and Maynard rhetorically asks after “You don’t even know his fucking name do you?”

Stinkfist finishes off the concert in fine form. Eventually the band bows out, and we’re left to slowly slumber out of Vector Arena listening to Katy Perry (what the fuck?) while we slide across the floor occasionally banging into the sweaty guy wiped out from the mosh pit. As always I leave slightly worse for wear and smelling of Bourbon and Cola. However everyone had a great time. Band put on a great show, What more could you ask for?

Setlist here.

Thanks for reading.