(Above, the great swag I got from the show)

Aotea Centre was busy and full a couple of Sundays ago. It was Mother’s Day. The sun was shining outside, on a beautiful autumn Auckland day, and people were making the most of it by getting out and enjoying it. It was also the day of the inaugural Chromacon event. An Illustration and Comic Art festival being held in the centre of town at the Aotea Centre.

As an exhibitor, I had access to the space early for setup the day prior to the show. Walking through the floor where everyone was setting up, and getting a sneak peak at what was to come, I could already tell it was going to be a great show! There were several spaces that I walked past and my jaw was dropping to the floor. It was cool to see so much talent was being assembled in the same space.

The morning finally arrived, and the early birds were in completing their booth set ups. Soon enough 9am rolled around and the show was officially under way. It probably took about an hour for some real crowds of people to start flowing through, but once the floodgates were opened, that was it. It was busy all day.

I had a great time. People were mentioning to me things like “we had no idea there was all this talent in our own country”. Which I guess just re-enforces the reason why putting on a show like Chromacon was absolutely worth doing. The public were great. I talked to a lot of really nice people. The artists were equally as great. I didn’t get as much time as I had hoped seeing all the different exhibitors, as I was basically stuck manning my own table the whole time. I did manage some quick trips as the show was coming to a close however and some good folks that were there were kind enough to stop by my table as well.


Outside of my comics, by far and away the favourite item I had for sale was my Anchorman print. I’ll throw an image of that up above this blog post. It’s available in my store if you’d like one. As are a couple of the other prints I had available.

Everyone who came through and stopped by my table. Thank you. It was wonderful to talk to everyone. All the artists who I know through social media, and met on the day, it was really great meeting you. Big thanks to Michel, who saved my butt when it came to setting up the booth, and last but not least to Allan and his team for putting on a great show! Apologies to all the artists whom I just didn’t get a chance to go see in person. Hopefully it’s an event I can add to calendar every year!

Thanks for reading,