Hey everyone,

As a way of keeping the art going, I’ve been doing some drawing for fun. Homages to some of my favourite films, interpreting them in my comic art style. It’s something that I had been thinking about ever since I did one of Sam Shakusky from the film Moonrise Kingdom. That piece was well received, and I wanted to do some more in the same vein.

I’m going to make them available for sale as digital prints. So if you’re a fan of the pieces, or of the films, and want some art representing on your wall, this might be a good way of doing it!

I’m going to have as many of these as I can done in time for the Chromacon show that I am attending. So if you’d like to buy one from me in person. Cool! If you are geographically challenged from Auckland, New Zealand, or you would like one straight away, well that is what the internet is for!

Since I started with Moonrise Kingdom, I’ll make that the first print available. You can purchase here.

Also, if you have any pieces you’d like to see my take on, leave the suggestion for me in the comments section. I won’t promise anything, but if it strikes me as something cool, I’ll give it a go!