Just a few short days after the Black Keys, we had another amazing concert lined up to go see. This one we’d been expecting since February – so it was a long wait. Completely worth it though. If the Black Keys was a bit more stripped back and rocking, then Radiohead was the opposite. It was conscious, and considered with an amazing lighting and visual display to aid the songs through the set list.

Every tonal shift from song to song made the set list a giant mood ring. A slower more sombre track could transition to a more dance worthy number and giant visual display panels would re-arrange to a new layout throughout. Meaning you were always at risk or on the verge of an epileptic seizure. More importantly though, there was plenty to take in and digest along with the musical brilliance itself. It was astounding how this band could just keep adding layer upon layer upon layer – building this incredible wall of sound.

It was a fun concert and it went by too fast. We were privileged to get good seating, like we did with the Black Keys. I took some pictures. You can see them here.

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