Hey everyone,

As you may have noticed. There haven’t been any comics for a while. I plan on getting back into it as soon as I can! With very short notice I found out from my employer that I would have to head over to Brisbane, Australia to help out with our office over there. That is where I was for about 2 weeks. I came back to New Zealand on the 14th, and I’ve been playing catch up with all aspects of my life ever since.

So how was Brisbane? Outside of being exhausted from the long days at work, I did at least get one weekend to have a look around the city. My wife flew over from Auckland, and we were able to have a good walk around in nice summery (for Auckland), warm temperatures. No clouds in the sky. The birds were out. The city was bustling. It was great. I like the city. It makes the most of it’s river based geography, and everyone seems to be well adjusted to the fact that it is warm and the sun shines there a lot. One morning I was waiting for my ride. I was in a tee shirt, this was about 7:30am. It was probably 15 or 16 degrees celcius. This dude is on his jogging run, he has a jacket on, a beanie on, like he was training in the cold. It was fascinating. I was thinking “Man, nice morning, it’s going to be warm. I can already feel it”. He was thinking…”Ohhh, cold morning. I’d better wrap up for the morning run today!”

There you go. It’s all about what you’re used to I guess?

In any case. I had fun. It was a privilege to travel to a new place, and have a look around. I’m happy to be home now, and I’ll get back into making comics. If you want to see more pics, I have uploaded some here.

Thanks for reading,