Okay, so I am sorry for taking so long to get this comic up. I wanted to give it more effort than I usually would, not just to make it look nice, but also because it is the 100th page I have uploaded since I started uploading these comics in the online format. It’s a nice milestone to reach, here’s to the next 100 updates!

A couple of Saturdays ago now, I awoke to the sad news that Adam Yauch (MCA of the Beastie Boys) had passed away. It really hit me hard, and it was hard to sort of come to grips with. The Beastie Boys have been not just a great soundtrack to my life, but a great influence over what I do artistically. Their humour and outlook always inspired. It’s fair to say that if there is ever a song in my head I use continuously for Adam it would be “Hey Ladies” from Paul’s Boutique. I was lucky enough to see the Beastie Boys in 2005, and I got a great shot of MCA that I thought I would share.

Also, you might notice I have implemented Disqus for the comments on the site now. This is to make it easier for people to comment on the site. Now if you wish, you can comment with a Twitter or Facebook account as a profile. Neat, huh?

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