While I’m working on this next comic, I thought I would get some more of my Draw Something pics up for a laugh. Sometimes it is fun to go off on a tangent, or do a quick sketch in that game. Often times you can be struggling with a comic, and Draw Something can be a nice way of trying to loosen yourself up. Although I think at this stage I’m currently behind on most of the games I am running again. Doh!

Here are some of the ones I came up with:

It now occurs to me, if I wanted to be more obscure, I could have drawn Nick Fury – who is an Agent of SHIELD. This one I think was a bit more obvious though.

Oh and just as a follow up to my mention of the NZ Breakers vs the Perth Wildcats in the grand final. My team, the NZ Breakers won the championship in front of a sold out home crowd in Auckland. It took all three games to get there, but it was glorious. Back to back. Can they make it a three-peat? I certainly hope so. I’ve been following this team since they began, and there were some very hard years in the lead up to this. It’s so awesome to not just see them win the Championship, but to win it back to back. Man, it makes the road worth traveling. Good work, NZ Breakers!

NBA Playoffs has now begun, so it’s exciting that I can watch even more playoff Basketball.

As always, thanks for reading!