The comic is still under way. I got started on it late due to a very busy Easter weekend. The glorious weather that weekend kept me out and about with various activities, so it was a late start to drawing this weeks page. It has been started. I’m just getting into the inks. I’ll get it completed over the weekend and up early next week. Hopefully I can get a start on the next page this weekend as well.

Meanwhile, I thought I would post up some Draw Something pictures I got a little carried away on. I’m sure by now everyone knows what Draw Something is, right? If you don’t – it’s basically a Pictionary type of game for mobile phones. The cool feature about the game is you can actually watch someone drawing in real time – though I’m sure this is horrible for all my opponents, as sometimes I take too long and they might still be waiting to guess what it is. Either way, it is fun, and I sometimes use it as a way of just drawing something fun that I would not think to draw – outside of my own comics. If  you have access to a phone that is capable of playing the game, it’s a fun game to play against friends.

At the moment I’m right into my Basketball. The NBA has a reduced season thanks to labour negotiations – and while the season started late the same amount of games are being played in a shorter amount of time. It means as a spectator its been fun to watch games essentially every day, with teams turning out for a game over couple of days.

On top of that, The NZ Breakers are in with a good chance for back to back finals in the Australian Basketball League. They won it all last year, and last night I was able to witness them win the first game in a Grand Final series for this season. It’s win two games to claim the championship. They’re playing against the Perth Wildcats, so now they have to back up their first victory and fly to Perth to try and win the championship over there. If that doesn’t work it all comes down to a big game three here in Auckland. Either way, it will be awesome.

Fun times!

Thanks for reading,