I had some extra down time this week. I decided to use it, by doing some extra drawing. Been playing a lot of games on Draw Something this week. It’s ridiculous, but fun. Hopefully it doesn’t become all consuming though. I have like seven games going, and it could get a little demanding. Ha ha!

Good practice aside, I had enough time to draw another piece in Sketchbook Pro for the iPad. I’m loving this app. It’s great. I can only imagine what results might be achievable on the newly announced third generation iPad with the Retina Display. Looks like you have to sacrifice some layers for the extra pixels, but that’s just a work flow thing you’d have to get used to. It’d probably be worth the trade off for the extra pixel density.

Anyway, I present to you Adam, and a pizza. Yep, I felt like Pizza when I started drawing it. The night I finished, I had Pizza for dinner. Thus the circle was complete.

Thanks for reading,