The rest of our holiday in the USA was spent in New York City. A life long dream for my wife. It would be my second trip to the Big Apple, the last time I was there was in July 2003. I was expecting a lot of change. Actually no sooner had I left during the ’03 visit and the city was shut down by a power outage. It looked horrible, so I’m glad I missed it. Having experienced the New York summer, I had planned our trip late September/early October to try and avoid the uncomfortable humidity, and maybe get some more reasonable autumnal weather.

After the six hour flight however, we soon found out NYC was still having a late burst of summer, and we’d be in for some humidity. Just my luck. Oh well, you get what you’re given. Why did I pack my hoodie though? Heh.

The hotel I booked proved to be in a very handy Midtown location, with two different access points to different subway lines easily accessible on the opposing end of the block from each other. Between the two stops, we could basically cover almost everything we wanted to see. The thing I love most about New York is the fact that it is a very pedestrian friendly city. There are people everywhere, and they’re all walking. I mean, sure, there is traffic, and the city is well covered with buses and the trains too, but eventually you’re gonna have to hit the pavement, and look around for yourself. It’s still the best way to experience the city. No open air buses for me.

There is always something going on in the city. The day we arrived was the first day of the Occupy Wall St movement which is now spreading right around the world. Radiohead were putting on a couple of concerts. There were events I would have liked to attend on either side of the week that we stayed. New York Comic Con was the week after we left (how could I have missed that when I was booking the tickets?). It didn’t really matter. Just like the weather we were going to get what we were given, and there was still plenty to see and do.

Mandatory tourist trap activities were planned in advance. We got them out of the way early so the rest of our time could be spent doing stuff with friends, and just chilling out in the city.

Our friends took us out for a whole day. We started at the High Line and then made our way through the Meatpacking district. We reconvened in the evening for a fun night out in Brooklyn. It was great, so big thanks to them for giving up some of their precious time to show us some fun in their city.

There were too many cool things to mention. My wife took a few hundred photos of Squirrels in Central Park. That was pretty amusing. Cute little bastards. As always, the city leaves a big impression, and you do want to go back and do it again immediately after you’ve left. The flights getting there though…they are brutal. I’m so happy we had some down time in LA before we flew out to the East Coast.

More photos from the trip can be found here.

It was fun! Comics resume next week. Thanks for your patience everyone!