After a night of trying to catch up on rest from the long journey at an LAX Airport hotel, we utilised the free shuttle service to get a ride back to the airport to make a coach we had booked to take us to the hotel next to Disneyland. This ended up working quite well.

We made our way to the pick up point and were soon greeted by a large air conditioned coach with the sole purpose of taking people to Anaheim to experience (in Disney’s own words) the happiest place on earth – Disneyland.

The trip took about 45 minutes, and soon we’d find ourselves at one of the Disney Resort hotels that border one side of the perimeter of the park itself. The hotel was pricier, but we both found this to be an excellent investment for the full noise Disneyland experience. It was convenient and very accessible to the park. The staff as Disney employees were very helpful and had some awesome tips on how to best get around. Unfortunately the type of room we booked was all gone. However we were lucky enough to be upgraded to a very nice suite with a view overlooking Disney’s California Adventure Park. It was a sweet deal.

Soon we were entering California Adventure Park to start our exploration. If you don’t know, Disneyland is just one of the parks, and California Adventure Park is the newer park where all the new rides are expanding into. It’s always a bit overwhelming entering into a theme park like this. It’s a kid in a candy store situation. There is so much to do, you’re never quite sure where to start out. Personally I am looking for the most bad ass ride to kick start it all. In California Adventure Park there is a big roller coaster called “California Screaming”. This sounded like the best place to start. I was gutted to find this was one of two rides they were not running due to maintenance. Instead, we started out on the big Mickey’s Fun Wheel – a giant Mickey branded Ferris wheel. Not exactly a high thrill ride, but it was fun nonetheless. Some of the carriages swing and roll along rails built for the Ferris Wheel, so as it rotates, the carriage will move. It makes the experience more of an actual ride rather than just a place to get a view of the park.

It didn’t take too long before the Californian sun had burnt through the morning cloud and started kicking our ass. The stomachs started working on us too. We headed out of the California Adventure Park and headed to Disneyland in search of food. The difference was immediate in terms of impact. The first impression of Disneyland Park made California Adventure Park seem dull in comparison. The way the park was set up, and the whole vibe completely changed. It went from a park of randomly adjoined areas of fun (California Adventure Park) to a park where everything was designed and detailed to perfection, everything had a specific purpose (Disneyland). Though to be fair to the newer park, it seems to be a work in progress, with more attractions going in.

Disneyland was it from here on in. We turned in early on day one, about 5:30pm, and headed to Totilla Joe’s for a meal. It was a good call. Seemed like a beer was a very sound idea. The meal was excellent also. The next day we headed in early. Grabbed a breakfast bagel and spent the whole day in the park, with a two hour break back at the hotel to catch our breath.

Hit almost everything. We got all the stuff we wanted to do, done at least. I have never been in a place, where people are so freely just throwing their money around. It was incredible to see. People were having such a great time, that I guess the cash flows easy to try and make the most of the park while you are there. Every themed area has a few designated theme gift shops to go along with it. There is always an opportunity to pick up some Disney merchandise while walking around the park. While I can recognise the phenomenon, I wasn’t immune from it. We too decided that the Disney Corporation was in need of our money, for some keepsakes. Ha ha.

Good fun though. I’d recommend anyone to go. It took me until I was 30, but yeah, worth it.

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