Last Tuesday midday I arrived with my wife into LAX (Los Angeles) to begin our holiday abroad. The flight from Auckland is thirteen hours long. It can be brutal with the time difference. However the entertainment and service provided by Air New Zealand was excellent. They made the long journey relatively enjoyable.

As always the worst part about embarking on a trip to the States is trying to clear immigration queues. Particularly at LAX, where there is such a high volume of traffic going through. It took about two hours to get processed and allowed into the country. That’s an anxious period for me. It’s the closest anyone can feel to being a criminal with all the scrutiny you face. It’s completely warranted of course. The officers on duty have an important task to perform in protecting their borders, but it sure is unpleasant.

With a few days in California we wanted to make sure we had some fun. I’ve been to California 3 times before this trip, but embarrassingly I’d never travelled to Disneyland any of those times. This was the objective. To go to Anaheim and have some fun in the mouse’s house.

Not without stopping for some In-N-Out Buger beforehand mind you! Damn they make some awesome burgers.

Los Angeles greeted us with very warm weather. My pasty white complexion hasn’t seen the sun in some time. It was a shock to the system. Inevitably I got a little sunburnt. My vitamin D dose was probably well overdue, I guess?

Thoughts while in California:

LA has very well designed Freeways. I’m glad I don’t drive them though.

Cars don’t really get much older than 5 years from what I could see.

Food is crazy cheap. A cheese burger at In-N-Out was just over two bucks US.

Mexican food is really good here.

More soon.
Thanks for reading,