Hi everyone,

I’m just writing to let you know that after tomorrows comic, updates are going to stop for about a month or so. Nothing serious or extreme about this, it’s just time for a brief pause. I love making the comics. I’m itching to get back into it, but sometimes it is important to step back for a breather. For myself I’m going to spend some quality time with my wife. Which I am very much looking forward to. This will give me a chance to take a critical eye to where I have been with the comics over the last year, and where I am going with the storyline. It’ll be a good opportunity to just see if a break will get me back into it with some fresh ideas. I think it will.

During this downtime, you can still reach me of course. Either via email marc [at] actionmanadam [dot] com or you can follow what I am up to or hit me up on my twitter. No doubt during this down time I’ll have some things to blog about, so the website will probably be updating on the blog. However the ActionMan Adam store will be closed during this period also. So new comics and the store will be back again in October!

Thanks for all your support. New comic should be up tomorrow, and then the story continues in October!