Hey everyone,

Well it’s been a busy month. I’ve pretty much been locking myself away from the world to not only keep up with the updates here on the site, but I spent the rest of my spare time compiling my new book! Finally it is all done. What a relief. I’ll have a blog post about it very soon blog here, as well as information on how to get one. It was a lot of work!

Otherwise. with that work wrapping up, I was finally able to take some time for myself and go see a couple of movies. Went and saw Super 8, Green Lantern and X-men First Class over the past couple of weeks to make up for my lack of outings out of the house. I enjoyed them all. Green Lantern’s been getting dissed big time by reviewers, but I didn’t see what their problem was. I liked it.

Hope all is well in your world!

Thanks for reading,