It’s been a while since I have written a blog entry. This is mostly because I have been locked away from the outside world working on a new book in between the regular updates. It’s finally all done now, so I can share information about it, and where to buy it!

The new book is called “First Impressions” and represents a decent chunk of the first years worth of comics that I have put online. This book will be debuting at the 2011 Auckland Zinefest which is coming up fast on the 16th of July. Last years event was so much fun, I thought I had better start early and get a new book prepared for this year. It will be 44 pages of ActionMan Adam romantic goodness in total and I can’t wait for everyone to read (though you can always do that on the site if you’d like too)!


Assembling the book had a lot of challenges, due to the fact that I had made the comics for web and not for print, so aside from the printing of the internal pages, most of the assembly of the book was done by hand, by myself. I wanted to do something special for this book, so I hand customised EVERY single cover of the run. I won’t be printing this comic again. There are 46 customised and numbered books, and will ever only be 46. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Also debuting at the Zinefest is a new badge design! I have not made badges for a long, long time, so it will be awesome to offer these again.

What I’m going to be doing with the new books is keeping them exclusive for the Zinefest first. If you want one you’ll have to hit me up there first. That’ll be cool though, cos you’ll get to meet me, and I you, and we can totally talk to each other! If you want I’ll even sketch in your comic! Plus with the full range there, you’ll probably be able to pick a cover you like. Anything that is leftover from the Zinefest I will then offer online after the event, and will let everyone know when they go on sale via my twitter account, and on the facebook fanpage. As well as on the blog here.

I will do another post about the Zinefest with all the info for that soon too, but you can always check their website to see the details yourself as well!

Finally, I have uploaded all the customised covers for everyone to view on my Flickr page. Go and check them out if you are curious!

Thanks for reading,