I’m in the process of making a new comic. I want it to be more DIY than my last comic. Above is a paper test I ran out of the printer. The biggest challenge is, I now work in colour. Translating the work into something that will work in greyscale is not without its problems. However, I think I have found a good mid range point that the greys will still add something to the comics. A different perspective perhaps? This week I’ll have to go out and acquire some paper, and then run through the pages I want to have in this mini comic.

The goal is to have something new to sell. It’s been a while since I have printed a new comic. Over a year. In that time I have produced a lot of pages for the webcomic, so I’m looking at small self contained story arcs that I can put into this mini and give people another taste of what ActionMan Adam is all about. I’m excited about the prospect of having something new to sell, but also because I’m approaching this one differently – I’m excited about putting it together. Hopefully I’ll have a nice result before the Auckland Zinefest which is scheduled for July. I’d like to sell there again, as last year was really cool.

What I should do is post more development pictures of the creation of the new mini as I proceed with it. I’ll try and make a mental note on that one.

More soon.

Thanks for reading,