Hi all!

Welcome to the beginning of Chapter 5! My thanks again to Robin Hotter for the comic last week. It allowed me to get a few days ahead and take an extra day off. It was like having a long weekend, or something?

This past weekend my wife had me booked in to see a doco flick that she wanted to see. It turned out to be a really interesting movie that was screened here as a part of the World Cinema Showcase that Auckland put on. The film was called “Bill Cunningham – New York” and was about a legendary street style photographer of fashion in New York City, surprisingly enough, named Bill Cunningham. It was a pretty engaging watch. Bill Cunningham is a really cool guy, who is now in his 80’s and still riding around Manhattan on a bicycle, documenting clothing that he finds interesting. He has a great affable quality about him, and I admired the way he never compromises his own morals for the sake of money. If you get the chance, and the subject matter interests you – check it out!

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