This is the second piece I made for the NZ Goes Pop show held at Wootini Gallery in Carrboro, North Carolina. The piece is called “Moon Walking” – as I wanted to do something quirky and this idea popped into my head. It was a fast piece for me to crank out, as I kept it minimal. Using my character Dave as the design for the space man, I decided to put him through his paces and see if he could keep up with the nessesary moves to pull off a successful moon walk. Ha ha!

It is India ink on bristol board, and with an ink wash applied for the grey tones. It was a fun piece to make, and it sold too, so hopefully the person who purchased it enjoys having it on their wall!

For a larger viewing size, check out my Flickr.

Remember, even though this piece is sold – you can still get my other piece “Shake Girl” from Wootini Gallery at their online store at a very affordable price. Check it out!

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