Today’s comic took a while to finish up. If you’ve been waiting for it, I apologise for the delay and hope you enjoy it. This one was actually based on a factual event. My friends Richard, Matt, Adam and I all went to a party and conversation always seems to start with talk about geographical location when you have a couple of guys from North America with you. Eventually there was some mild ribbing about Canada vs the USA, and without missing a beat Adam just calmly responds “It’s just great to be around all you Aussies”. Oh man, it was perfectly timed, and a well executed burn/response. I laughed pretty good with that one. Well done, sir. Now everyone can enjoy it – immortalised in comic form.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a wedding of good friends of ours. However it was a terrible day weather wise and it was supposed to be a beach wedding. The whole drive there it was just pouring rain. Fortunately as we decended upon the beach everything cleared right up. It was great. We had the lovely intimate ceremony on the beach. The waves crashing in the background. Very appropriate as the bride and groom both lived out there, and the groom is a surfer.

No sooner had photos been taken and people were making their way back to the reception in their vehicles, it started raining again. The break in the weather was absolutely timed to perfection. Couldn’t have been better. It was good times all around.

Then a couple of days ago this happened not so far away from my house. Kinda crazy right?

Hope everyone else has had a good week.