Hey everyone,

This page is a cool one to get up. It’s one full year now that I’ve been posting weekly colour comics. It’s been a full on year, too! My thanks for my wife putting up with the hours I spend drawing these comics. Thanks also to you, for stopping by and reading them. It means a lot.

As for this page. I felt like I may have dropped the ball a bit with the sequential part of it. It might not be super obvious that you read all the panels on the left hand side first before moving over to the right. Hopefully that is a problem I don’t repeat anytime soon. I didn’t notice it until I was quite deep into the drawing of the page. Apologies for any confusion! I should have planned this one better. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

In about half an hour I turn 30. I’ll be spending most of my birthday at work sadly. However, the wife and I are going to hit up a basketball game after the working day is done. That should be fun!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Thanks for reading,