It’s very surreal watching TV and seeing a city you lived in, and love, just crumble. You don’t want to believe it, but its right there happening. It’s hard. The Earthquake has changed more than a city though. For every person that lives in Christchurch, it will affect them in some way. For some it will be the ultimate loss of a loved one. Some will lose their homes. Some their businesses. If they’re really unlucky then it’s possible they have more than one of those three scenarios to deal with.

It was (and still is) terrible to sit idly by and feel absolutely powerless to what is happening in Christchurch. I was able to make contact with my friends down there, and thankfully they are OK. I know the city very well. Every photo of a destroyed building leaves me in awe, knowing what it used to be like.

ActionMan Adam is a comic which is my way of trying to recapture the great times I had in Christchurch 10 or so years ago. Christchurch is not just the location, but an essential character of the story. I’m going to try and keep up with the changes in the city, and reflect it back into the comic. It wont look like the same city after we have come through this horrible time. The soul, the vibe, the essence of the place remains intact though. The people down there are the best. They’re what makes a city. Not the buildings.

I’ll re-iterate here that if you would like to help, you can do so. You can donate to either the Salvation Army New Zealand, or the Red Cross New Zealand. Both are doing excellent work in Christchurch, and your donation will help a lot, should you choose to give.

Kia kaha everyone.

Thanks for reading,