Hi everyone!

It’s been a busy week. The comic is a little later than normal. I spent a day in Christchurch over the weekend, which took away some of my drawing time. It was awesome to go down though. I was able to enjoy a blazing hot day, take in the sights of the city. Assess the earthquake damage with my own eyes. It’s surreal to see all these gaps where buildings used to be. I think the city has an amazing opportunity to now rebuild and do some unique things with design and architecture.

Also got time to check out the Ron Mueck Exhibition at the Christchurch Art Gallery. It was amazing! If you are going to be in Christchurch any time from now through to January I recommend you check it out. It’s well worth it. I’ll blog about it down the line a little bit.

Also worth mentioning that the “lil’ Adam” in the last panel was inspired by this piece by Celina Hernandez.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable as well!

Thanks for reading,