Labour weekend came and went. As usual, throngs of people all interested in checking out the latest in comics, art, gaming and animation poured into the ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane for Armageddon Expo 2010. For once, the weather was really pleasant, which actually was not a selling point for going to the show.

Myself, I attended on Sunday only. With the glorious weather, I am glad it was only one day, as it would have been a shame to miss out on all that sun. That said. I had fun being in there on the Sunday. It was my first appearance at the NZ Comic Creators booth. Which was really nicely put together. Isaac Freeman (Funtime comics) met me, and showed me the table, and we set up for the day.

I have to admit, being that I was not there totally pimping my own shit, it was the first time attending the show where I felt like I could go for a decent wander around and look at what else was on offer. I was able to catch up with some good folks, like my homie Podgypanda, Drake (Ninjet) and Jeremy (Gotham Comics). I also met some cool people I have not met before, like the couple that run Popup Gallery in Wellington and at the NZ Comics booth it was a pleasure to be acquainted with Lee Yan Marquez (The Impostor).

The floor was expanded from the previous year. It looked as though it was a show spread out over a larger amount of space. This helped solve some of the congestion problems that we saw from the previous year. You could definitely wander the floor a lot more easily. Made for a much more pleasant experience.

As you can see from the pics above. I collected some nice swag from the day too!

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