Once again we find ourselves almost at Labour weekend 2010. Which means Armageddon Auckland is also almost upon us. The Cosplayers will be out in full force. The Anime kids will have saved hard for DVD collections they want to purchase and the general audience will stare in wonder and amazement of this other world they’re still so oblivious too.

Personally, I’m not sure if too many people are going to beat the guy in the Starscream outfit that I saw last year. Mind you, there was the guy in the Dora the Explorer get up too. You can see both of these guys here.

This year I’ll be there for one day only. The Sunday. At the NZ Comic Creators booth. I’m not yet sure where that will be located within the venue, but when I find out, I’ll make sure that I either post the information here, or on my Twitter page. If you are planning on making your way out on the Sunday, please do come by and say “hi”. It’s cool meeting people! If you aren’t going to be able to make it, then I do hope you have a fantastic Labour weekend! If you’re reading this in another country, which is not New Zealand, then the same applies, but without the “Labour” part. Nice.

Thanks for reading,