Hello all,

So this is the guest comic I promised last week. My friend Matt kindly contributed so I could have a break for a week and get back into the drawing when I came back from Australia.

What a fantastic job he has done! I was stoked when I saw this in my inbox. Thanks so much Matt. Please go visit Matt’s website and check out his artwork there.

Unfortunately, I came home, and my house had been burgled. The computers, TV – all gone. It’s a frustrating and terrible position to find yourself in. I now have no way of drawing or uploading my comics. Thank god for Matt’s comic this week. I’ll try and get a couple more guest comics lined up until I get on my feet, and can start drawing my own comics again. It’s a real pain in the ass. Hopefully I get my stuff replaced soon, and I can get back to doing what I love, which is making comics.

I’ll do a blog post later in the week about Christchurch. The city the comic is set in. I might even have a comic to contribute around the devastating event that happened there.

Hope you enjoy this guest comic by Matt!

Thanks for reading