About three weeks ago now, I left for a couple of days in Australia. Of course, upon returning to New Zealand we were greeted with our stuff taken from our house so that sucked. It was a sour end to what was a nice break.

However, though the return was spoiled. The holiday itself was very cool. Having never been to Melbourne, the wife and I were looking forward to having a look around. Sadly it was only a quick trip, so we barely had a chance to scratch the surface. The stuff we did see and do we really did enjoy.

It was difficult to gauge what the city was to everyone. There was evidence of a lot of artistic pursuits around the city. Cool boutiques, galleries, theatre and lots of cool graffiti and street art to gaze upon. Though on top of that it seems to be a city spoilt for choice with sports as well. A taxi driver went to great lengths to discuss with us just how much he (and by his own words two thirds of the city of Melbourne) disliked the AFL team Collingwood. Later that night, walking across the river we noticed the lights from the MCG stadium were ablaze indicating that the locals were watching an AFL game. I guess the best way to sum up the city is “diverse”. Seems like there is something for everyone in Melbourne.

The weather was reasonable. We hit a fine patch amongst the rain the city had been experiencing. We made sure we got out and walked quite a bit of the city, only relying on the well utilised and planned public transport a couple of times when we had to.

Even got a chance to catch up with some friends!

While it was only a short visit. It certainly won’t be our last. Melbourne, thank you for having us. We hope to return one day soon, in the future!

Thanks for reading,