Hey everyone,

Today’s guest comic is by Jimmy Misanthrope. Jimmy is a cool guy. He knows art. He knows metal. He knows film and animation. He knows comics. I’m left wondering, what doesn’t he know about? Jimmy has big a huge supporter of ActionMan Adam and has come through in my time of need with a guest comic. How awesome is that? Thank you, Jimmy!

I encourage you all to go and check out Jimmy’s own webcomic, Agents of the Endtimes. The characters are cool. There is great depth to the story, and some of the special effects in the art leave me saying “how the hell did he pull that off?!”

It’s great, go check it.

Unfortunately I’m still without stuff. It’s been rather boring at the house to be honest. I’ve been feeling kind of directionless. I want to make comics, but can’t. I can’t even watch TV properly. The only TV left in the house is a 14 inch. On the upside though. I have had some time to think about some more story ideas! I’m looking forward to getting back into the drawing, hopefully as soon as possible. I have some cool things coming up!

Did everyone have a good weekend?

Thanks for reading