You know what happens when you spend too much time on Twitter? You end up meeting awesome, talented people. One such person is Celina Hernandez. Celina and I got talking through Twitter and she is such a great artist! Celina graciously accepted my offer of free stickers, however I was not expecting her to take the time to do her own take on Adam as a response to my sending the stickers!

I could never draw anything this cute. Maybe I should hire Celina to start drawing ActionMan Adam? I think if Adam looked like this, he would have no lady troubles at all. Who can resist those eyes? Seriously.

Thank you so much Celina, I can’t wait to get it framed and on my wall. Celina has a website, you should go have a look!

Also: if you’d like to add me on Twitter, then please do so, you can find me here.

Thanks for reading!