What was the last film you saw that was so bad, it was actually enjoyable?

For myself it was 2012. I’m not sure if that film is supposed to be a comedy, but I truly had some good laughs with that one. Understandably, whenever you have a piece of fiction, the audience is going to have to accept some things about the movie that might not adhere to reality. That’s cool, that is half the fun right? If I’m writing a comic, generally there will be something absurd or random that I’ll throw in there because that is something that is hopefully unexpected and enjoyable for the reader.

The problem of whether something becomes bad is generally how they want you to react to the material. Using 2012 as an example, it seems like they want you to take it seriously, and deliver a very Hollywood action packed thrill ride of an experience. However, when everything has to escalate, and you start with something astounding, and step that up with each action beat. It leaves the film sort of anti-climatic. Instead of leaving in awe, you kind of laugh your way through one unbelievable spectacle to the next. By taking itself too seriously, I think it lost me. Setting up a lot of characters only to return to see their demise, or reunion, while the world falls apart around them probably sounded good on paper. The effects guys did their job well too, it looked incredible, but ultimately I just couldn’t get lost in this movie. With too many unbelievable moments, it ended up being a good old laugh fest.

Though, I could have gotten it completely wrong, maybe the aim of the film was to make this big laughable special effects film? You’re not buying that are you? At the very least it will serve as a rulebook for “what not to do”.

Have you seen 2012? What did you think? Or are there other “so bad they’re good” movies I should be checking out that you might want to recommend to me?

Thanks for reading