I need to make some stickers that say “powered by rock” or something?

This weekend just past was busy! My man, from Christchurch, Richard  came up to see a couple of concerts with me. While he was a guest in the house I spent the time being a good host, and generally just hanging out with him, something that only happens occasionally as we live on different islands.

The two shows lined up weren’t just any shows though. They were two iconic albums by Shihad, played from front to back. Friday was the more metal of the two – with the earlier album “Killjoy”. Saturday was more rock with the mainstream favourite “The General Electric”. Honestly, I was far more psyched for the Friday show than the Saturday one. Killjoy is just one of those albums that gets in your head. It’s heavy riffs have been the soundtrack to many a drawing session.

It didn’t disappoint. Both Richard and I were surprised at how powerful the album was live. It never gave up. Ending on the epic track “Get up”, the band then came out and played a couple of older cuts both in tune with the metal sound – including “Screwtop” with the longest held feedback before blasting back into the finale of that track. Seriously awesome. The audience were in their metal uniform too. It was all long hair, beards and leathers.

Saturday was wet out, and my car was giving me some issues. We were not as pumped for the second show, but fortunately for us, expectations and reality did not align. The General Electric show was equally as fun. The crowd was definitely more mainstream. More women, less beards. Shihad put in the same effort as the previous night, and as before killed it.

An awesome couple of nights out, seeing a great band, doing great albums.

Thanks for reading