Saturday was just miserable, it was raining and awful outside. Even though I knew the Zinefest was being held in a good under cover venue, at the back of my mind I was a little concerned that all the rain might force people to stay home instead coming down to see those of us who were exhibiting at the Auckland Zinefest.

Thankfully, I was quickly proven wrong. In fact it was the total opposite. People not only came out, but there was a lot of them!

I arrived with a bit of time to spare before the 11am begin time. My table buddy was thisisrabbit, and between us, we divided up the share of the table we needed for our wares. Not long after setup and even before the official start time we had people coming around all the tables having a look and striking up conversation.

Generally I find selling my own stuff a very weird experience. You have to be enthusiastic, but not pushy because people that bully sales, suck. Trying to get people interested in content they know nothing about is not an easy task. Thankfully, with an event like the Zinefest you tend to be with other creative people and selling to an audience of like-minded people. It makes everything a whole bunch easier.

Things got manic around lunchtime. Thisisrabbit had a workshop he had to host, and I was left in sole charge of the table for both of our wares. It wasn’t an issue when he left, I was happily sketching for a cool six year old who was asking me questions like “how do you draw so good?” – however it changed fast.

From there the day was busy. I spoke to a lot of very cool people. Young and old. Locals and some from abroad. The whole day was such a good experience. Everyone I spoke to was very interested, encouraging, and the vibe of the show felt very community driven. During the down times I was even interviewed for an Internet TV thing, and for Radio New Zealand. No idea when either of those might show up, but it was an interesting experience!

The day was just too much fun. If you came out and stopped by, thanks! Much love to the organisers for putting on a great show!

Finally, go check out this collaboration doodle over at thisisrabbit‘s Doodle a day Flickr. It was worked on by thisisrabbit, PodgyPanda and myself.

Thanks for reading!