Surprise in two different scenarios today. One in the story, and the other being, I have made a double sized comic this week.

Hopefully you enjoy the extra effort with this one. I had a few distractions over the course of the week, and got started on it quite late. However, I did get it finished. What a relief!

The weekend was mostly spent on this comic page. I watched a couple of movies while doing so. It was just chilled and nice.

Look at this monstrosity that my wife and I ordered from Sal’s! If we were gamers, we would have unlocked an achievement on finishing this (albeit the next day as leftovers).

This week is super busy. I’ll try and get a comic done for next week, but there is a possibility it could be late. I’ll do my best to get it up on time!

Also. Reminder: I’ll be at the Auckland Zinefest – Saturday 14th of August at St Kevins Arcade, here in Auckland. Come out and say “hi” to me! All details can be found here.

Thanks for reading