Hey all,

How are things? So it was Comic-Con International this weekend just past. Did anyone go? If so, what secrets did you learn while you were in sunny San Diego? Please tell me, I must know! It’s been a while since I have been to Comic-Con. I miss it a lot. I have made friends there, and had some of the best experiences. It’s like nothing else. If you did go, I hope you had a great time of it!

So what did I do since I wasn’t at Comic-Con? Nothing exciting I’m afraid. I looked after my wife, who had touch up iLasik surgery on her eyes. She had to go in again for a minor correction. Then, to test them out, just three days later I took her to see Inception at the IMAX. Ha ha! I should have thought that decision through before hand. However, she survived with only a little fatigue and dehydration (it was a long flick).

It was enjoyable. That is all I will say, as enough has been talked of it on the internet already.

Finally, did everyone see this latest homage of Adam by my friend Matt? Matt has a new website full of art up, please go have a look see.

How was your weekend?

Thanks for reading