You know pen pals is passé right?

These days email has completely ruined the thrill of getting something in the mail. It seems so instantaneous to open an email and quickly read it. Long forgotten it seems is the art of handwriting. While email is faster and more efficient to get communication accomplished, don’t you miss the fun of actually receiving the mail? Unsure of it’s exact contents, there is an excitement to it, rivalled only by a child’s enthusiasm on Christmas morning.

In an effort to bring the fun back and have a good cultural exchange, I participated in a candy swap with a friend in Seattle. The idea is a simple one. Send candy or chocolate which is unique to your region. Post that selection to your chosen recipient and vice versa. Wait a week or two. Magically – something will appear at your residence. Carried by a strange man wearing a uniform. You seem to vaguely remember him.

Oh that’s right. A postman! Wow. They still exist!

Open your parcel to find a magical bounty inside! Unbelievable! It’s sugared treats from a distant far away land.

If you have a friend from another country, I recommend it. It’s fun to organise. It’s actually more fun trying to pick out a nice selection that you think will represent your region well, which, hopefully, will be enjoyable for your candy swap partner in crime.

Thanks to Renée for my bounty! Now that I have officially documented it with pics, I can devour!

Thanks for reading