Way back in 1999 I hung out with three guys during my student days, in Christchurch. We were a tight unit and frequently went out on the town as young guys do. My good friend Matt had a place right in the city centre just 2 blocks away from all the popular bars, and one block away from the favourite watering hole, the Dux de Lux.

It was a great thing, and I have to give a lot of respect to Matt, whether he wanted it or not, he was always gracious and welcoming, for the partying that began at his apartment there in the city. Two years later, I’m trying to come up with an idea for a one page comic, and as a joke I suggest it would be cool to do a comic based on our mutual friend Adam. Over the course of the next hour, Matt and I are throwing ideas back and forth and we basically nail down the story for the first ActionMan Adam comic. Subsequently when it came time for the second story I went back to Matt and again, we were able to get another story done.

What’s cool now is, after being burnt out on his own artwork, Matt has finally returned to it. Art was something he was always adept at, so it’s good to see him getting back into it. Bringing it back full circle, Matt now has an art blog, and has decided to use ActionMan Adam as one of his practice pieces, as well as other pop culture and comic book characters.

Please go check his blog out, leave some comments, and follow his RSS, as he throws up some vector based drawings and gets back on track with his art agenda. Tell him I sent you!

Thanks for reading