A couple of Saturdays ago I arrive back in Auckland from Christchurch. The rain was coming down, and while checking the mail I found my copy of “Alledaags” by Toby Morris in the letterbox. Fortunately it was protected enough that it was not ruined by the rain. That would have pissed me off.

Alledaags: A Year in Amsterdam is a really beautiful collection. Put together from a years worth of Toby’s drawings throughout the course of 2009. Toby, from Wellington, offers up a unique perspective of a non-Dutch person living the day to day life in Amsterdam. Whether it be the quirkier side of life, Toby’s own personal moments – like losing his beard in a shaving mishap or just slice of life scenarios, each day consistently showcases Toby’s unique linework cartooning style. Moving effortlessly from comical to reflective.

If you want to check Alledaags online, or Toby’s current project – 200 People I used to know, then head on over to his site. It’s all sitting in the archives there for you to check out. Or if you want to drop some coin on the collected Alledaags like I have you can purchase it from his store. I highly recommend it.

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