Last week, unexpectedly, I was lucky enough to see two different art pieces from two different artists doing an homage to Adam! Now before you suggest that I paid both of these guys to do so, I will let you know that it’s not in my budget to do so. Ha ha! I will however buy them both a beer because it was awesome in both cases. Let me break it down for you.

Robin Hotter – Monday, I get word from Robin (a frequent commenter on this site and a super nice guy) that he was inspired on a trip home from work, and just had to draw something. Amazingly, in this spur of the moment – his art mission turned to Adam. You can read about it here, at his website. The result was cool, like a Dan Hipp infused piece of work, and I’m digging the colours on it. Spontaneous art is the best!

That segways perfectly into the other artist:

thisisrabbit – thisisrabbit I have known for some time. He pretty much has a hand in everything. On the web or on the streets, you can find his special brand of unique art all over the place. To the point where it even showed up in a popular video game! Often introspective and mostly hilarious, thisisrabbit is dedicating his time to a new “doodle-a-day” project over on his Flickr page. If you have a Flickr account or a twitter account, I highly recommend you add him as a contact so you can keep up with the project. I check it out daily. Last Thursday, thisisrabbit was kind enough to feature Adam as one of the daily subjects, and I was stoked to see what he’d done!

Thanks to both those guys, if either of you catch me at the pub, I’ll buy you that beer. Cheers!

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