It was a long weekend here in New Zealand. If you are in NZ hopefully you enjoyed it. The weather hasn’t been great but that is what you can expect for the beginning of winter I guess. I hope all of you in the Northern Hemisphere are excited about the onset of your summer!

The weekend was good. I was able to get some things done that I wanted to do. Including finishing off the page you see above this post. Thankfully I was recently in Christchurch and was able to get some great photo reference or it would have made the inside of this cafe scene a hard one to conjure up.

Also spent some of the extra time this weekend watching a couple of films. Of the more independent variety this time around. One was “New York – I love you” and the other was “Paper Heart”. Both movies centred around love and the complexity of it. The New York one was a companion piece to Paris – je t’aime. Same concept but in a different location. The great thing about both of these movies is the city is an important backdrop, but the narrative focuses on short stories of different characters affecting each other. It was cool.

Paper Heart was recommended to me by Team Sweet. She was right. It was an adorable film of a character struggling to believe in what love means – or maybe what it should me to her. Almost the exact opposite of Adam. Heh. Both films are worth the watch. If you have a significant other, then either could be a good one to share with them.

Thanks for reading