Winter always feels like you have to lock yourself away. Which means that its a great time to find things to do. There is nothing more appropriate in winter time that catching a film or two. I’m down for some big dumb action flicks. However, it’s nice to catch the quirky and off beat films when I can as well. The best way to do it? The New Zealand International Film Festival of course. Auckland gets the bulk of the festival, but a lot of the films do tour to other parts of the country too. If you’re interested in catching an awesome foreign (or local) film or an art house flick go check out what is screening at the website and if that film will be in your city (NZ).

There have been two films I’ve been wanting to see this year. One is the film on David Choe, because that dude is fascinating, and the other one is “Exit through the Gift Shop“. The film by / about / around the street artist Banksy. From what I have seen on this film it looks like a real laugh. I’m happy the festival was able to secure one of these films. The David Choe one isn’t with a major distributor as far as I’m aware, but the Banksy film is coming. That’s rad. I’m quite excited about it.

I’ve also bookmarked a film by Tamra Davis on Jean-Michel Basquiat. That one could really potentially be an interesting study into an artist. Kinda curious to see what that is all about. The problem with film festivals like this is, it’s like a music festival. So much to see, and you aren’t quite sure what you will get. You just have to take a chance and see what you get. It’s all part of the charm.

If you’ve seen an independent movie that rocked your world lately, pass that info along. I’m always keen to check cool shit out.

On Friday last week I had a parcel hit the door. It was faster than expected, but the courier guy was delivering some new stickers I had printed. These bad boys have been made for give outs at appearances and with merch orders. If you email me before the end of the month specially requesting them though, I will post you some stickers for free. Sounds like a good deal to me! Get to it! – marc [at] actionmanadam [dot] com

This weekend I will be in Christchurch. I am doing my best to get an update on time, but I’m not sure if I will hit the target since most of my drawing is done on the weekends. If I do miss it, it’s likely the page will be up later in the week. To make up for it, the page will be a little more than my regular page size.

Thanks for reading