June. It’s great news if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer has officially begun and springtime will fade into the long summer days. That is exciting. It also means a good deal of comic conventions start up as well. In fact a few good ones have been already, but the grand daddy of them all – San Diego will kick in mid-late July generally. I haven’t been to San Diego since 2005, but I love that show. There is just a great atmosphere and the vibe that is in the city, it’s a great place to be! I won’t be attending this year unfortunately. If you have the opportunity though, I encourage you to go for at least one of the days and take in some of the craziness that descends upon San Diego. I truly miss hanging out with all the good friends I made when I used to attend. I hope some day I can catch up with them all again soon.

Here in New Zealand June means winter. We just had the last public holiday that we’ll see for some time. There is this long drought of public holidays now, and there won’t be another one until the winter is over. Winter in Auckland usually means a lot of rain. This year I did the smart thing and bought some leather shoes for rainproofing. The good thing about the winter season is, that I am more inclined to stay inside. This means that despite the cold, I should be more productive. More time inside = less commitments elsewhere. Less time elsewhere = more time drawing. You’ve got to take the positives that you can out of a situation – getting more drawing done because its wet outside. That is a real positive.

Since we’re now getting started into the second half of the year I guess we’d all best evaluate what we’d like to achieve before the year is out. I have a few things coming up. I have been confirmed for the Auckland Zinefest in August. You can check out more information about that here. If you are in the Auckland area, please do come out and say “hello”. I like meeting people and will be nice to you. Promise. Should be a great opportunity to sell some more comics. What else? I’ll be briefly in Christchurch at the end of this month. That should be fun. In September the wife and I are going to head to Melbourne for a quick look around. I have never been there before so i am really looking forward to that. Might also pop in at Armageddon Auckland in October. I’m not too sure about that one, but it is a “probable” at this stage.

Above is a sketch I did for a twitter pal in Wellington. Hi, Fi!

What about yourself? What plans do you have for the second half of the year?

Thanks for reading!