So the Football world cup is on. Anyone tune into any games? I got up the other morning and turned it on. It was live from about 7am NZ time I’d guess. I don’t know. I was up late working on comics, so I didn’t wake until 8am. The match was the England vs USA game. Since all the action had happened during the first half and I did not tune in until the second half, I pretty much missed the goals. It was great to see another sport on TV in this country though. People do look like they are having a hell of a good time there in South Africa!

Also picked up a National Geographic magazine this weekend. This generally isn’t my standard reading material, but there was a fascinating piece on Mount St Helens. The article was about the National Park there basically being left alone since the eruption happened in 1980. At first obviously it was all destruction and carnage – but through the course of time the surrounding land and water in the nearby lake is really starting to prosper again thanks to the ecological process taking place. Like a giant Petri dish, life has begun again from the ash. If you’re interested in that kind of stuff I recommend you go out and pick it up!

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